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A brief introduction to the Cosmiclands project

Metalong is one of the projects that provides visualization of the Metaverse and planets.

In different periods, people have been interested in the discovery of new planets. As a part of this world, we have always been investigating the mysterious aspects of the universe and as we see from space movies, people have shown great interest in this subject. Volunteers working both in large missions and in large companies have always been interested in this field. Simulators bring reality closer to us, allowing people to realize their dreams and make discoveries.

Undoubtedly, over time, virtuality and reality will fundamentally integrate. Therefore, new metaverse projects will include the reality of today and the future. One of these projects, Cosmiclands, creates virtual images of different planets. Figuratively speaking, the main subject of the game is the colonization of planets in the universe and far from the solar system and the creation of infrastructure on these planets. The main concepts of the game include having 3D model graphics and offering unlimited possibilities. Now, let’s give more information about the Marslife City game.

Marslife City – Building Ecosystems and Cities on Planets

The planet Mars is currently being promoted as the first game base as part of the Cosmiclands project. This project aims to promote and support scientific research to create suitable conditions for life on other planets.

Why Mars?

As it is known, one of the planets that is generally similar to Earth is Mars. The Cosmiclands project approaches from this perspective and starts with the planet Mars to create a virtual world and establish the ecosystem there. Here, just like in the real world, people will be able to compete with their skills and cooperation. Everything from the purchase of land to the activities of the companies there will be compactly located in this virtual world. Going beyond just being a game, we undertake the mission of creating a large virtual economy.

NFT Swap — The Role of In-Game NFTs

The Cosmiclands project goes one step further and we state that in-game NFTs will play a big role. Acquired NFTs can gain value over time and players will be able to convert these NFTs into tokens. This allows players to obtain unique and valuable assets in the virtual world.

Design and Construction Works

Individuals will be able to establish their own companies in the virtual world by using their imagination. This could be the beginning of a new ecosystem. Imagine you have a dream company. It may not be possible to achieve this in the real world, but in Cosmiclands you can make this dream come true.

The Cosmiclands project offers many exciting and interesting worlds for you to experience the opportunities that the metaverse has to offer. We have clarified just a few details in this article. But more exciting experiences await you inside the game. Imagine an environment where thousands of people compete for the planet’s resources. Only your imagination and collaborative abilities play a key role here.

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Metalong’s Metaverse projects provide an insight into the technology of the future by focusing on Web3 technology in the technology industry, enabling real-life experiences in virtual worlds to be experienced more interactively and creatively.