Airdrop Metalong
Metalong I Airdrop Winners

Metalong is pleased to announce that our winners have received their MLO tokens by airdrop.

The snapshot shows that a total of 69,923 users joined the airdrop, far exceeding our expectations. We’d like to thank all our participants for their support.

We have a total of 2050 winners. The top 3 referrals were 1000 $MLO, the Top 17 referrals were 200 $MLO, the Top 30 recommendations received 100 $MLO and 2000 randomly selected people received 50 $MLO as planned.

Transactions: TOP 50, TOP 2000: Part1Part2Part3Part4Part5

All eligible users who successfully completed the tasks have already received their prizes by airdrop. Please check your wallet balance.

Click here to view the Winner List of Metalong and view the link below for details on prize distribution: TOP 50TOP 2000.

Congratulations to all the winners! We really appreciate your continuous support! Follow our social media, and join our Telegram for future MLO airdrop events.

Metalong’s Metaverse projects provide an insight into the technology of the future by focusing on Web3 technology in the technology industry, enabling real-life experiences in virtual worlds to be experienced more interactively and creatively.