Metalong and NASA: The New Face of Space Exploration with Cosmiclands Metaverse

Metalong decided to establish a strong partnership with NASA to make space exploration more realistic and interactive. This partnership aims to develop the Cosmiclands Metaverse platform and integrate space exploration with real data. While the platform offers users and scientists the opportunity to participate in space research interactively, it also allows scientists to showcase their own research and share information.

Cosmiclands Metaverse offers a powerful simulation using data provided by NASA. With VR technology, users can participate in space exploration, have the chance to explore different planets and unravel the secrets of space. This paves the way for a realistic exploration experience in the depths of space. At the same time, scientists can share their research on the platform, organize interactive events and have the opportunity to collaborate with other scientists.

Another important point that Metalong aims for with this partnership is to offer scientists the opportunity to work and share information in an interactive environment. Cosmiclands Metaverse allows scientists to showcase their research, allowing new findings in space exploration to be shared quickly and the scientific community to collaborate more effectively. This vision reflects the aim of making a significant contribution to space science by promoting scientific discoveries in space exploration.

This partnership between Metalong and NASA shows that the Cosmiclands Metaverse has the potential to usher in a new era in space exploration. This platform makes space research more accessible by providing a realistic space experience for curious users and an interactive environment for the scientific world.

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