Reasons We Chose Unreal Engine 5 for the “Cosmiclands Metaverse” Project

In our “Cosmiclands Metaverse” project, we chose Unreal Engine 5 as the game engine. Our choice is based on several technical and practical factors. In this article, we explain in detail why Unreal Engine 5 is the best choice for our project. We also touch upon VR, Web3 and Blockchain technologies that we plan to use in our project.

Unreal Engine 5 and Visual Quality

Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) is known in the game development world for its ability to deliver the highest quality visuals. This engine offers features like real-time ray tracing, atmospheric effects, and complex particle systems. These features allow you to create a realistic and eye-catching visual experience for our “Cosmiclands Metaverse” project.

UE5’s visual quality relies primarily on two main technologies: Nanite and Lumen. Thanks to its virtual geometry technology, Nanite allows artists to import movie-quality detailed assets directly into the game engine. This allows models with millions of polygons to be created seamlessly, making it possible to create worlds that are more detailed and realistic than ever before.

Lumen is a completely dynamic, global lighting solution. This calculates in real time how light is propagating and reflecting in the scene. This makes the lighting look accurate and realistic, especially in variable lighting conditions and large, open worlds.

UE5 also offers real-time ray tracing technology. Ray tracing simulates how light propagates in a scene, creating more realistic shadows, reflections, and lighting effects. This technology is especially critical for creating high-quality images.

UE5 offers features such as atmospheric effects and complex particle systems. These features allow the creation of a variety of visual effects, from weather effects to explosions. This makes the game world more vivid and realistic.

Therefore, this visual quality and realism offered by Unreal Engine 5 make it an ideal choice for our “Cosmiclands Metaverse” project. This engine allows our users to have a more immersive and impressive experience.

Metaverse, VR Technology and Unreal Engine 5 Relationship and Infrastructure Technique

The Metaverse is a set of digital spaces where users can socialize, play, and do more in the digital world. VR (Virtual Reality) technology allows the user to be immersed in a virtual world. Unreal Engine 5 supports these technologies and ensures that our users have a realistic and immersive experience in our Metaverse project.

Unreal Engine 5 is fully compatible with VR technology. This allows users to have a fully immersive experience through VR devices. Unreal Engine 5 can process data from VR devices and use this data to allow users to interact in the virtual world. This allows users to feel the virtual world like the real world.

Unreal Engine 5 also allows users to personalize their activities in our Metaverse project. Users can create and customize their sandboxes using the tools provided by Unreal Engine 5. This allows users to express themselves in the virtual world and have a unique experience.

Unreal Engine 5 ensures the continuous updating and expansion of activities in our Metaverse project and its sustainability and contributes significantly to the success of our project.

Web3, Blockchain Technologies and Unreal Engine 5 Integrations

Web3 is a new technology stack for the development of decentralized web applications that allow users to identify and control themselves. Blockchain is an immutable ledger where records are recorded and files are tracked. Unreal Engine 5 uses these technologies and ensures that our users have a safe and transparent experience in our project.

Unreal Engine 5 provides a set of tools and features that facilitate Web3 and Blockchain technologies. For example, deploying the Web3.Unreal plugin, which is compatible with Unreal Engine 5, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Huobi Eco Chain and similar networks. This plugin allows developers to create Web3 games with Unreal Engine 5.

The Web3.Unreal plugin allows developers to build and submit Blockchain development via JSON-RPC and communicate directly with smart contracts. All transactions are freely available to Blueprint for the convenience of users. This allows developers to easily create and manage blockchain communications and smart contract transactions.

Additionally, Unreal Engine 5 introduces other plugins that support Blockchain integration. For example, the Singularity plugin allows developers to automatically create a new Web3 budget for the user. This allows users to securely register to our project and track activities in our project on the Blockchain.

UE5 Blueprint System

Unreal Engine’s Blueprint Visual Scripting system is a complete game scripting system based on the concept of using a node-based interface to create game elements within the Unreal Editor, similar to various common scripting languages used to define object-oriented (OO) classes or objects.

The Blueprint system allows game developers to program game mechanics, events, and other game elements. This allows designers to use all the concepts and tools usually only available to programmers.

Blueprints can be used to create a specific part of your game or the entire game. Additionally, Blueprints can be used to create a specific section of your game or the entire game.

Blockchain Integration

“The Cosmiclands Metaverse” project designs parcels of each planet as programmable structures. These structures are modelled using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) and constructed on parcels purchased by companies. This process is facilitated through the Build SDK specifically designed for UE5 in our project.

The Build SDK processes each modelled structure into specific components, ensuring the accurate positioning and proper processing of the structures. This allows our users to experience each structure in our project in detail.

Subsequently, each modelled structure is sent to the MBP API. The MBP API receives this data and processes it onto one of the chosen infrastructure blockchain networks. This process registers each structure as a unique asset on the blockchain. This enables our users to verify and track each structure in our project.

Blockchain integration ensures the security and transparency of our project. Since each structure is recorded as a unique asset on the blockchain, users can verify and track each structure in our project. Additionally, this integration allows users to manage their assets in our project. Users can buy, sell, or trade their assets within our project.

The integration of blockchain not only enhances the security and transparency of our project but also provides users with the ability to manage their assets effectively. Users can engage in transactions such as buying, selling, or trading assets within our project.

VR and Web3 Connect

Our “Cosmiclands Metaverse” project combines VR technologies and Web3 to offer a unique experience to our users. This integration allows our users to interact in the virtual world and record these interactions on the Blockchain.

Unreal Engine 5 is a perfect choice for our “Cosmiclands Metaverse” project. It allows us to offer our users an immersive, impressive and safe digital experience with its visual quality, VR integration, Web3 and Blockchain support. This technological infrastructure will make a significant contribution to the success of our project.

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