Metalong Trilemma
Science, Technology and Art in the Digital World of the Future: Metalong Trilemma

Today, although blockchain technology has significant potential for many industries, it faces various challenges and limitations. Understanding and solving these challenges is vital to advancing the development of technology. In this context, concepts such as “Blockchain Trilemma” and “Metalong Trilemma” guide understanding and overcoming the obstacles to blockchain and emphasize the organic relationship between science, technology and art.

Blockchain Trilemma brings together the three main challenges facing blockchain technology: scalability, security and decentralization. Scalability relates to the capacity of blockchain networks to process more transactions. While security is another important element that forms the basis of blockchain, the principle of decentralization is one of the attractive features of blockchain. However, balancing these three principles is critical to fully realizing the potential of blockchain.

Metalong Trilemma, on the other hand, emphasizes the deep bond between science, technology and art, and suggests that future digital developments should be addressed not only in their technical aspects but also in their human and artistic dimensions. This paradigm opens new horizons while exploring the organic relationship between technology and humanity in a universal context.

The trio of science, technology and art that forms the basis of Metalong Trilemma helps us understand the essence of blockchain technology and create a guide in shaping the digital world of the future. This organic relationship enables blockchain to be addressed holistically, not only in its technical aspects but also in its human experience and aesthetic value.

In our Cosmiclands Metaverse project supporting Cosmos research, Metalong is an inspiring example of the Trilemma. This project strives to create a deeper and more meaningful digital world, not only through technical innovations but also by emphasizing the importance of art and human experience.

In this context, the Metas Bridge Protocol, developed based on the principles prescribed by the Metalong Trilemma, offers an advanced solution to the blockchain trilemma. MB Protocol provides scalability and cost reduction at Layer 2 while increasing data security with zero-knowledge-proof technology. In this way, it enables blockchain networks to be spread to wider audiences and used more securely.

As a result, at a point where technology, science and art meet, blockchain technology, based on the principles envisaged by the Metalong Trilemma, plays a critical role in shaping the digital world of the future. These concepts provide important guidance in realizing the potential of blockchain and building a more inclusive, human-centred digital future.

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